Mission & Vission

Our Mission

First and foremost, we aim to educate others about the magic of Kratom, Fungi, and other botanicals. We at EdengrowS sincerely wish we could say more regarding our individual experiences with Kratom and botanicals without fear of reprisal from a "three letter agency." We can, however, refer you to an organization we hold in high regard, the American Kratom Association at www.americankratom.org. You can view testimonials, science behind the magic, follow kratom laws in your state, and much more. 

Another favorite of ours is Erowid at www.erowid.org. It is the ultimate holistic health database, covering medicines of ancient civilizations through modern cultures around the globe. It can be difficult to acquire information on these subject matters, arguably due to the "for profit" healthcare system that looms over our legal and political systems, acting as a marionette to influence decisions in its favor. That is why these databases, such as Erowid, are so important. They equip the average citizen with the knowledge it takes to redistribute the power from the marionette back to the people. 

Our Vision

We aim to acquire, attain, and distribute the highest quality of every legal botanical and fungi listed on Erowid.  We have learned whilst setting up this website that simply adding one type of botanical was no easy feat. From finding a reliable source in the field, which includes taking trips in person to kratom farms in Borneo and other parts of Indonesia to conducting  product lab testing, logistics, and website development. After several years of having banks shutting us down, frozen accounts, life ban from paypal, we finally obtained credit card processing!

Our intention is not to tell you we will donate $1 of every $50 to save the guinea pigs natural wheatgrass wetland foundation; however, we are, and will continue to put 100% of our profit and our personal investments back into figuring out ways to carry lost botanicals from the best possible sources.

Pictures will be added to our Instagram of these trips to find the best kratom, kava, or other botanical sources. If you have subscribed to our newsletter, you can expect to witness our growth as new botanicals are added. If you have information on potential botanical sources or suppliers you would like us to explore, please email us at eden@edengrows.org